Saturday, June 24, 2006

Who flung Dung by Willie Flingmore ?

Sue said the word is, Hugh and his close buddy Liam Clarke have annoyed a number of people this last few weeks, stories have appeared in the Dublin based mag Phoenix and the London based Private Eye. The two boys should always remember when they start flinging shit, others are only two willing to fling it back.

Hugh keeps his head down.

Sue said the word on the street is, Hugh Jordan is shitting himself after a copy of an affidavit he gave to the BBC in Belfast has been leaked to two Dublin based Newspapers, the affidavit is in relation to Sean Garland and his involvement in counterfeit US. Dollars, Hugh then gave an interview for the program. Sue said that Hugh had been approached by the Dublin based papers about the affidavit, he threatened them with legal action, saying that he did not write the affidavit, and that his work computer had been hacked and that someone left it on his system. Now that is a front page splash !!!!

No one likes a bully.

Sue said word has it, Legal action is on the horizon for a well known journalist in N.Ireland, copies of emails sent by him to a number of people were posted on the Internet this week, they are now in the public domain, they make for some interesting reading, it clearly shows that the journalist is using his position at the paper to bully and threaten his former confidential source, in other words ( Don't Fuck with me ) it makes the old tradition of journalists " protecting their sources " a thing of the past.